1. tf.data (官方推薦):方便地構建復雜的輸入管道
2. Feeding:通過input_fn來yield數據
3. QueueRunner:基于隊列的輸入管道
4. 預加載數據。用constant或variable在內存中存儲所有的數據
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第一部分 基礎篇

第1章 初識機器學習
1.1 引言
1.2 基本術語
1.3 假設空間
1.4 歸納偏好
1.5 發展歷程
1.6 應用現狀

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The Development of Movement – Stages

By Dr Emmi Pikler

An excerpt PEACEFUL BABIES – CONTENTED?MOTHERS (published in 1940),
taken from the Sensory Awareness?Foundation publication BULLETIN (Number 14/Winter 1994).

Children,?particularly in cities, tend to sit poorly and have bad posture. They cannot?sit, stand or walk properly, not to mention more complicated movements.

This,?of course, is not self-evident to every reader.??I can hear the astonished responses: “What? My children can’t move?!”?“My little daughter could already sit when she was just?four months old”??“Mine was already standing at six months”…?“When my son was not even one year old, he was walking.”
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